The eight operational expert teams to create the end-to-end delivery system of services to operate fast and effectively…

A consortium or eco-system based organisation is not a traditional and silo-based hierarchy, but a dynamic organism working seamlessly together. The tasks at the centre, are focused on innovation, research and development, business and brand strategy, investor relations and public funding opportunities.

The community leadership also owns and drives the process model to develop and validate new business lines.

IT-Platform services:
The IT-Platform is the foundation that supports and coordinates all the tracks of the commercial operation. It delivers all the content and competences to sell and deliver in all languages, in all markets. The IT platform is built with best-in-class components and is scalable – also across business lines. It is built on open-source systems that provides optimal integration to the full suite of physical and ecommerce plugin services.

Producer and inventory management:
For each business line it is about having the right set of producers / brand owners and the right set of products to cover existing and emerging demands. In this track we perform certification of producers, products, volumes, prices and commitments.

Packaging and filling services (for clients with own production of FMCG products):
TheDearGroup will be the leading provider of sustainable packaging formats. They are a key differentiator and an important part of TheDearGroup’s IP and brand expression. We deliver all sizes up to 20 litres, as default always a cube made from recyclable materials, and with the highest transport efficiency, to make sure the products can reach their customers in the most sustainable and effective way.

Warehouse and fulfillment services:
Through strategic partnership with fulfillment providers (logistic & warehousing), we ensure a full IT integration between the WMS (warehouse management system) and our clients IT platform(s).
Digital centre of excellence:
Our clients will own all the information about customers, to segment and cluster, identify customer journey patterns, and create 1st party data analysis to perform effective targeting across all major segments: Private, company and HORECA. In this process, we will also create best practices on how to map ambassadors, upselling mechanics, and loyalty programs.
Communication and marketing services:
On behalf of the community, Our clients marketing management team masters all content production plus adaptation and execution. Our inhouse expert team is contemplated with international best-in-class specialists within marketing and keyword campaigning, influencer marketing, social media, and handling of events, e.g. tastings, pop up wine bars, and trade fares.
Sales channels services:
In this track we optimize the sales platform and channel management, define new content demands and create executions for both our clients flagship stores, our affiliate partners, as well as the relevant 3rd party channels – from the narrow, high affinity platforms, up to the broadest, like for example Amazon.