How to reach efficient and profitable growth in more and more digitalized markets and channels…

  1. Get started
    Creating and validating hypotheses on new, innovative propositions. We generate company, market and customer insights to frame the opportunity strategically and in numbers.

  2. Get focused
    Focus brand and product demands, markets and channels in details. Describe the customer journey and create the experience design provenly surpassing existing category standards.

  3. Get organised
    Assess capacity and capabilities. Build the consortium proposal and help define the process setup, e.g. establishment of working groups and timeline for the first 6 to 12 months.

  4. Get ready
    Delivering on backend setup, shop design, call centre services, logistical solutions, digital marketing strategy, as well as helping to secure sufficient capital to finance the go-to-market plan.

  5. Get smarter
    First, we get hands-on insights for small money. Trying out smaller pilots and getting valuable learnings to scale. The variables at the test will be markets, channels, targeting and pricing.

  6. Get growing
    Examining the pilots, we will scale the plan for optimal growth both in terms of investments and timeline. We will help generate growth capital in terms of loans, equity or inventory financing.